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Trusted Managers

Sometimes it might be necessary to allow someone to manage your group(s) or bot(s). This might be a colleague, employee or friend. Therefore the "Trusted Managers" section has been provided to grant management permissions to other residents.

Your "Trusted Manager" can have access to your groups and/or bots (read the instructions below to know more).


Trusted Managers can access the groups you select and perform various operations:

Inviter service Chat service Notices service
  • Edit group inviter settings and view invitation statistics
  • Access the group chat in web browser
  • Eject spammers out of group chat
  • Send group chat IMs
  • Setup scheduled chat IMs
  • Send group notices
  • Setup scheduled notices
Control personal bot using HUD
  • login and logout bot
  • teleport bot to different locations
  • move bot around on the parcel
  • command bot to sit on objects

Using managers to control groups

You can assign a Trusted Manager to manage your group: control Group Chat, edit automatic Notices and IMs. See Trusted Managers for Groups page to know more about group managers.

To add or edit Trusted Managers for your account - Go to your account dashbord and click "Your Trusted Managers" from the menu on the left.

Using managers to control bots

Your Trusted Manager may be able to control your bots using the Personal Bot HUD. Visit Trusted Managers for Bots to know how you can setup this kind of management.

Please note that each person can only have one moderator account therefore if someone else has that person as a moderator you wont be able to add he/she.

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